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JESSE MARKIN liefert mit “Counting Money on a Sunday” den nächsten Vorboten seines zweiten Albums

Der in Liberia geborene und in Finnland lebende Singer-Songwriter JESSE MARKIN veröffentlicht mit „Counting Money on a Sunday“ den nächsten Vorboten seines zweiten Albums. Der Song beschreibt die Hass-Liebe auf den Kapitalismus:

A machine that protects those that feed it but also a machine that creates chaos. Even if we were going down in flames the machine we have built can never stop. This year we were able to witness this very closely as the world was fighting the global pandemic. The rich isolated themselves while the rest were left to face their worst fears just because the machine cannot stop.

Musikalisch gesehen ist „Counting Money on a Sunday” ein progressive Rock Song mit Gospel Elementen. “With this I wanted to underscore the fact that we are at a point where you either worship the machine or try to break from it, either way, the money has to be counted.”, so JESSE MARKIN.