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Our PR work:

- we are a highly experienced music PR agency for the GSA territory - in business since 2001

- we team up with our clients to work out customized PR campaigns for physical and digital releases as well as concerts and tours in the GSA-territory

- we develop and provide specialized campaigns in part segments of the media as well as handle a wide range of communication services in terms of cross media PR campaigns for our clients

- due to many years of networking we have access to leading key medias in the market as well as to niche mediapartners and keep close and steady contacts to credible and qualified music editors and freelance journalists in all fields of the media (print, online, radio, TV)

- we develop comprehensive marketing plans, provide booking of print ads on behalf of the client


Our promotional services contain:

- long term active promotion time and plugging activities

- coordination of interviews

- regular updates

- final comprehensive press folder, collection of clippings and analysis of results 


We are also good in:
professional labelmanagement services for our label clients, including e.g.:

- coordination of release schedules with involved distributors in GSA and Europe

-  manufacturing service and administration of mechanical copyrights declarations with the GEMA

- coordination of sales marketing activities, stock control, sales reports and general administration label works